In the 1920s and early 1930s, a Sioux Falls furniture store owner named John Costello ventured from his business into a small real estate investment at 515 W. 13th Street. He built seven more houses after this one. That’s how it began. It was a decision that influences the lives of even his great-grandchildren 80 years later. John’s son, Tom, eventually became the first approved FHA loan broker in the state of South Dakota. His son, Thomas P., became one of the first developers in the area to offer much needed subsidized housing in the 1960s. Today, his sons, Dan and Tom Costello continue Costello Companies in Sioux Falls, as they have expanded into Land Development, Housing Compliance and Multi Family Construction. Founded on decades of experience, Costello Companies makes long-range investment decisions, long-term commitments, and to establish relationships to last perhaps a few more generations. Our Mission Statement is that Costello Companies is committed to making a difference in the affordable housing industry by exemplifying the highest standards of knowledge, experience, ability and professionalism. We offer the best management, training, maintenance and marketing the industry has to offer. We value the contributions from our team members, industry partners, clients and residents. Our team members are invaluable assets that enable us to provide the highest quality residential housing units, ensuring solid, long-term tenant relationships; thus in turn, creating solid, stable cash flow and maximizing the Owner’s capital investment.

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