The Mitchell Masonic Temple was built in the early 1920s dedicated in 1925. Constructed exclusively for fraternal use it features Masonic symbols from the plaster ceiling moldings to the door hardware. Substantally renovated in 2005, and with minor work always ongoing, the Temple has recovered from years of "deferred maintenance" and is once again a classic venue for meetings, receptions, and Masonic activities. The building boasts two Lodge Rooms; a "club style" second floor Lounge complete with Billiard Mezzanine, and fireplace; a hardwood floored Ball Room; Dining Room; Kitchen; and full beverage service courtesy of a concession arrangement with the Mitchell Elks Lodge #1059. The Mitchell Masonic Temple is handicapped accessible, having an elevator from the lower level to the Billiard Mezzanine and Third Floor Clown Room. Parking is available along Fifth Avenue for easy access to the main entrance. An all weather, wrought iron fenced parking lot is also available immediately to the rear of the building.