WHAT IS OUR HISTORY? Founded in 1888, the congregation has grown to about 1,600 members. HOW DO WE SEE OUR PURPOSE? We are called by the Holy Spirit to participate in God’s mission. We do this by engaging in and sustaining relevant ministries in our neighborhood and our faith community. Such participation enhances our lives and the lives of others as we grow together as disciples of Jesus Christ. WHAT ARE OUR CORE VALUES? All people are God’s children and are valued and welcome. God invites us to join in his mission to the world. For that purpose, we willingly share our God-given gifts and talents within the church and in the community. Responding to the call of the Holy Spirit we are becoming the disciples God called us to be in Baptism. God has a positive future for all of us. WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE LUTHERAN? This means Grace Alone is at the core of who we are as a congregation. We are centered in a Lutheran understanding of the Christian faith in which God’s life-giving, saving grace is offered freely in Jesus Christ, proclaimed in the preaching of God’s Word and given by God in the Sacraments of Holy Communion and Holy Baptism. WHAT DO WE BELIEVE ABOUT THE BIBLE? We are grounded in the Bible as God’s inspired and living Word. We are called by the Holy Spirit to faith through this Good News in the Bible, and we are empowered and sent to share and live out God’s grace in our daily lives. WHAT DO WE BELIEVE ABOUT WORSHIP? Worship is the one unique and essential activity of the church. Centered in Word and Sacrament, worship is the celebration of God’s creative purpose, redemptive activity, and transforming presence for and with humanity. Through worship we are shaped and formed into a particular people – God’s own people – a community called, forgiven, and equipped to participate in God’s mission.